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Meloney Hall 2016 Big Uptick Social Marketing LLCHello, I’m Meloney Hall, the owner and CEO of Big Uptick Social Marketing, LLC.  I provide excellent online marketing and digital marketing consulting and training services.  With my expertise, your Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) efforts will achieve beyond!  With my help, your website will gain more top-of-mind placement, increased traffic, and a higher conversion rate.  You will see more qualified customers and clients who actually want your products and services.  I will help you with strategies and tactics that will closely target them better than you might currently be doing.  This means more brand awareness and increased sales for you!

Being found online throughout several major social media platforms and networks is the key to increase your own bottom line.  I know how to combine the newest online marketing methods with important standard marketing principles.  This is vital for search engine optimization (SEO).  If your products and services cannot easily be located within a basic search engine query, then you’re losing business to your competitors who are correctly optimizing their online brand awareness and search engine results pages (SERP).

My mantra here at Big Uptick Social Marketing, LLC. Is “Achieve  Beyond.”  You’ll know this is happening when you begin to see upticks within your success measurement reporting systems.  No business should ever be satisfied with remaining mediocre!  Going beyond will put you on the path to become amazing!

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While you may think that you know the answers to what matters most to your customers and clients, I can help you to find out what they actually seek from businesses like yours.  Do you know what matters most to them?  Stop the guesswork!  My consulting services will save you a huge amount of time so you can get to the real answers sooner.  It’s important for your potential customers and clients to gain trust with you;  and when they begin to trust you, this will lead to successful business transactions for everyone.

Super Efficient and Effective!

2015.Logo.BigUptickSocialMarketingBig Uptick Social Marketing, LLC. is located in the Dayton, Ohio area (United States), but we can reach far beyond the city, the state, and even the nation.  Because my work is mostly done online and in digital format, I am able to help you regardless of where you are on the planet (as long as you have an internet connection).  Video calls are the most efficient way to communicate; and if you’re not already doing that, let me help you to begin.  Even my local business clients appreciate the convenience of saving time and expenses when we can do the majority of our communications through video calls.  When I keep my costs down, the savings are passed onto you!

As you consider hiring me, remember to keep in mind this important factor as the top priority of your decision-making process:  if you are not utilizing the most current and forward-thinking practices to help your brand grow exponentially through online and digital marketing strategies, then you will not see much of any big upticks in your brand awareness or gaining new sales.  In addition, I actually have the necessary  credentials, working experiences, and social proof that I am staying current with today’s online digital marketing trends.  Hiring someone with less know-how and less hands-on experience, for the sake of getting the “cheapest,” will certainly cost you far more in the long run to undo what they have done (or have not done) for you.  Why bother with such headaches and inconveniences?  Hiring me will spare you all of that hassle.

I invite you to peruse the website.  Watch the videos.  Read the blog articles.  Look at the testimonies from my clients.  Sign up for one of the two Memberships I offer.  The more you get to know me, you will feel confident that I can help you beyond what others might claim about being the solution to your online marketing challenges.

When you’re ready (or almost ready), let’s talk about the online marketing needs you have right now and in the near future.

CSMA | Certified Social Marketing Associate | Meloney Hall | Big Uptick Social MarketingI am a Certified Social Marketing Associate (CSMA).  I also hold a Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  When you combine these two structured disciplines, 1) social media marketing best practices, and 2) the analytic foundation of logistics, you get a reliable knowledge-based powerhouse!

Udemy Instructor | Meloney Hall | Big Uptick Social MarketingBeing a Premium Udemy Instructor means that I can offer my Online Marketing courses to you via Udemy’s education platform. When you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access, which means that if/when I update the course, you will be notified! It’s great! The courses are self-paced, so you don’t have to rush through them. After completing the course, you will get a certificate, which documents your new knowledge. Certificates are often the “proof” that your manager needs to see – and then that promotion or raise might become a reality sooner than you thought possible! Find out more about it on my Udemy Instructor webpage!

HelpOuts by Google | Big Uptick Social MarketingSomething really notable about me  is that I am  one of the few individuals worldwide who is recognized and vetted by Google to be a Google HelpOuts Provider.  This means that I have been approved by Google to talk face-to-face via their private video-call platform to people all over the world who seek out her guidance and advice regarding Online Marketing.  I have many Five-Star Reviews, and I enjoys helping others very much.  In August 2014, I was selected by Google as the Helper of the Month!  You can watch my Google Interview and learn more about Google HelpOuts. **NOTE** Google HelpOuts will discontinue on April 20, 2015

Expect Excellence


I have coVideo Content Creation | Big Uptick Social Marketingcompleted the YouTube Creator Academy’s Course, “Grow Your Audience,” and I can help you make your YouTube Channel become more organized for Search Engines and for your video fans.  I am also a YouTube Partner. Video content creation is very important for increasing your online presence, and I know how to  maximizes your efforts in producing quality video content.  I host a weekly LIVE Hangsout-on-Air (HOA) broadcast to help to educate and give hands-on experience to those who desire to overcome their live-on-camera shyness.  Check out  Lights, Camera, HOA to see what I mean.  You can see videos that I have created on my “Collections” page, as well as discover the background information about how they were created and edited.  I am  very skilled in creating animated videos as well.   Take a look at this short cartoon video, then consider how something like this could help spread the word about your cause, products, and services.  Hire me to create great animated videos for you!  I successfully completed YouTube’s comprehensive special training, “Grow Your Audience,” so I would be happy to help you do that with your own YouTube channel!  I’ve got the know-how!

Wordpress | Big Uptick Social Marketing

If you need help with understanding, updating, and maintaining your WrodPress themed website,then you should give me a call.  I have designed several websites using responsive themes, which is what you need to increase your website traffic and to meet the rising demands of those who use mobile devices.  I strongly believe that empowering YOU with the knowledge and skills about how to manage your website is the smartest strategy.  This is why I provide detailed training for your new responsive-theme website.  While many experts can give you a brand new website, there are very few who actually give you the precise training you need to maintain your website properly.  I go beyond for you!

Dayton SCORE | Big Uptick Social MarketingI am proud to have been a volunteer  Mentor for Dayton SCORE.  My role was to help new small business owners, and those considering opening their own small business, with their social media and online marketing strategies.  Watch this Testimonial Video.  Dayton SCORE is a chapter of the National SCORE organization that is affiliated with the Small Business Administration

I invite you to follow me on a few social media platforms and learn more about what I knows and likes. Easily find me on Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sorry, but I don’t use Facebook.  Ask me why, and I’ll be glad to tell you!

Ohio Flag | Big Uptick Social Marketing I have always lived in Ohio.  But as a youth, I traveled extensively all across the United States with my family.  You can consider me an Ohio Buckeye through-and-through!  Go Ohio State Buckeyes!


Competent Toastmaster | Meloney Hall | Big Uptick Social Marketing

You can also hire me to speak at your organization’s events.  I am  a Competent Toastmaster (CTM), so you can count on my professional presentation skills and engagement with your audience.  I never bring along a boring PowerPoint Slide Show —  NO, NO!  I creates unique materials that showcase the subject, which guarantees your event will be most memorable!

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