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How I Became a Google Local Guide Level 5 in 13 Days

Help Local Businesses Get on the Map   Get on the map, they say.  Be seen, they say.  Grow your local business, they say.  Why are these things being said? If you are listening, you will understand that this is exactly what it takes in today’s marketplace, regardless if you have an online business or […]

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Announcing the Launch of Our New Live Stream Series!

 Be There for the Launch! ANNOUNCING  #im4livestream “I am for Live Stream” is a weekly livestreaming broadcast for livestreaming fans, professionals, and newcomers.  The launch happens on Monday, April 4th at 4:30p ET / 1:30p PT as a YouTube livestreaming event.  We also are posting upcoming broadcasts via Eventbrite so you can easily get it into your […]

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Your Valid SSL Certificate and the Green Padlock Icon

Your Valid SSL Certificate and the Green Padlock Icon

The Green Padlock Tells All Is your Website an HTTP or an HTTPS?  If your site is an HTTPS, then you have a valid SSL Certificate.  Did you know that Google is beginning to make the clear distinction between non-SSL sites and those with a valid SSL Certificate?   The green padlock tells it all! […]

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Online Marketing is a Fad Like Cars and Indoor Plumbing

Is it a Fad? No! Let’s be clear: If Online Marketing is a fad, then so are cars and indoor plumbing! Hopefully, you don’t feel this way! Depending on how you want to see your business in the next five to ten (and beyond) years, you should be making plans on including online marketing as […]

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YouTube Promises to Reduce the Number of Take-Down Notices

Alleged Copyright Infringement and Content ID Claims This is a happy season for YouTube Creators!  YouTube is finally looking into how they can reduce the take-down notices for Content ID and copyright infringements!  If you are a YouTube Creator and you’ve ever been impacted by those evil bots that tell you that your video has […]

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