Sharing a Few Fabulous Google HangOuts On Air Sessions of 2013


It’s about Fun!

Fabulous HangOuts On Air 2013 | Meloney Hall | Big Uptick Social Marketing As 2013 comes to a close, I wanted to share my experiences that I have had in participating in a few fabulous Google HangOuts On Air.  For short, we call these HOA Events.  I have reserved a special spot right here on this post to bring them all together so you can see for yourself how much fun they were for me.   But I wasn’t the only one who had good times – everyone who participates enjoys them!  Ask anyone who does an HOA, and they will tell you that it’s all about the fun! You’ll notice that each HOA posted here has its very own unique feel.  You’ll also notice the differences in lighting, backgrounds, and listening devices of participants.  Sometimes you’ll see the use of headphones, the use of earbuds, and the absence of them overall.  That’s because everyone has to work with what they have and what they prefer.  Sometimes, there will be technical glitches, noises in the background, blurriness, or all-out laughter that shifts away from any seriousness that there may have been.

Just a Bit of a Learning Curve

The whole purpose of mentioning any of this is to bring home the point that everyone starts out with a bit of a learning curve; overcoming camera shyness is one of the major hurdles of everyone’s first live broadcast.  After a few times, your mind actually forgets about the camera, and it feels just like you are sitting at a table talking as normally as you would without a camera directly in front of you. While it is true that there are plenty of technical tools you have to practice using during an HOA, you have to take the approach that you can eventually conquer and manage them  well (or well-enough).  With the great attitude of other Google Plus users being there to help you along the way, you’ll appreciate the sharing-and-caring mindset of people who are eager to assist.  I really don’t know of any other social media platform that compares to this sense of strong community; the engagement is rich and often! So pop some popcorn and prepare to have your anxieties put at ease as you watch my journey with Google HangOuts On Air.  If you haven’t done one yet, but would like to, let’s talk about how we can make that happen together!  Email me at so we can arrange something.  One of my 2014 goals is to help more Google Plus “newbies” get better acquainted with online live broadcasting.  It’s a fantastic tool to implement as part of your online marketing strategies.

Mitch Mitchell Interviews Meloney Hall

Meloney Hall Interviews Chef Dennis Littley

This HOA has a different format appearance because I, as the host, forgot something very important, which is known as “The Blue Box.”  When you don’t “Un-Blue-Box” yourself as the host during the broadcast, the camera doesn’t switch back and forth to show the face of the person who is currently speaking.  You can imagine my awful moment of discovery afterward when I realized that the camera never featured Chef Dennis!  Fortunately, a fellow Google Plusser named  Scott Scowcroft suggested that he try “The Scott Treatment” on my broadcast video to edit the problem away.  Sure enough, he did, and the results were amazing!  I invite you to check into this special editing service that Scott can do.   His email is .

Meloney Hall Interviews Mitch Mitchell

Mark Vang Interviews Meloney Hall

Good Day Google Plus hosted by Chef Dennis Littley

This is a weekly HOA that Chef Dennis hosts every Friday at 1:00pm (Eastern Time Zone).  I am on the panel along with Larry FournillierCraig Fifield, and Mark Vang.  This session demonstrates how nicely they can flow when the Blue Box has been properly initiated!  These events offer people who have never known each other before to have a chance to meet.  I would like to encourage everyone to watch the Good Day Google Plus Show live and/or watch the recorded videos when convenient.  They are always interesting shows because of the variety of guests that participate in the panel.    

#SocialMediaCoffee with Michelle Stinson-Ross and Debbie Horovich    











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